20th - 24th March 2012
Mitchell Arts Centre

        Once upon a time, the young prince Pippin longed to discover the secret of true happiness and fulfilment.
He sought it in the glories of the battlefield, the temptations of the flesh and the intrigues of political power
(after disposing of his father King Charlemagne the Great).
In the end, he found it in the simple pleasures of home and family. 
This hip, tongue-in-cheek, anachronistic fairy tale captivated Broadway audiences
and continues to appeal to the young at heart everywhere.
The energetic pop-influenced score by three-time Oscar-winning composer/lyricist
Stephen Schwartz ("Godspell," "Children of Eden" and the animated films "Pocahontas,"
"The Hunchback Of Notre Dame" and "The Prince Of Egypt")
bursts with one show stopping number after another, from soaring ballads to infectious dance numbers.

               Musical Numbers

  1. Magic To Do
  2. Corner of the Sky
  3. Welcome Home
  4. War is a Science
  5. Gloy
  6. Simple Joys
  7. No Time at All
  8. With You
  9. Spread a Little Sunshine
  1. Morning Glow
  2. On the Right Track
  3. There He Was
  4. Kind Of oman
  5. Extraordinary
  6. Prayer For a Duck
  7. Love Song
  8. I Guess I'll Miss the Man
  9. Finale